• The Smart Outlet enables setting work time for appliances The smart outlet works with i4Home Management System; it receives the On/Off command from the smart box to control lights, and appliances and enables you to set work time for your devices. You can set it to turn on or off when doors are opened, when there is activity in your home, and much more.  
  • Monitor Temperature and Humidity Remotely The sensor has a small size and wireless operation, the sensor can be put anywhere to monitor the temperature and humidity in a room, a chamber or even a freezer, and you can check the reading on your smartphone or tablet any time through the i4Home app.  
  • Remotely Monitor Power Consumption and Temperature The sensor can be put anywhere to monitor/record the AC current consumption and temperature in a room, a chamber or a power distribution box. The system will issue a real-time alarm if the reading is over the High/Low limits.    
  • Control your i4Home Smart Box with four buttons Remote Control Alarm Modes: Arm, Disarm, Home, Panic
  • Two-way Wireless Keypad The i4H-KP-3S is not only a multi-user wireless keypad to control the operation of i4Home, but also a remote controller to switch on/off lights or appliances to provide you with home automation conveniences.
  • Wireless Medical Button with built-in Inactivity sensor The medical button is a Water-Proof medical button; it activates medical alarm remotely when you press the button. The button has a built-in sensor to detect motion and it would send an inactivity alarm notification if the person has kept still for over 12 hours.  
  • Extend the operation range of sensors and remote controls Useful for large properties, and helping to protect villas, garages, and basements The range extender is used to increase the range that sensors and remote controls can work on the i4Home system.


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