Eco Package

Affordable, Intelligent & Expandable!

The i4Home Eco Package gives you the best opportunity to start monitoring and control your home, make sure your family and home are safe and secure.

All devices and sensors are wireless and DIY (Do-it-Yourself) products and easy to install
You can easily turn your home into a Smart Home

The system is easily expandable and all i4Home devices, sensors, and accessories can be added to the Eco Package for complete and customized home security.

The i4Home Eco Package is ideal for flat apartments and smaller homes



Package Contents:

Smart Box Eco i4H-LS-10
Motion Sensor x1 (i4H-PIR-3SP)
Door/Window Sensor x1 (i4H-MX-3D)
Remote Control x1 (RC-3)
Power Adapter for i4H-LS-10
Ethernet Cable for i4H-LS-10
USB Cable for i4H-LS-10
AAA batteries x2 for Motion Sensor
Brackets x1 for Motion Sensor
Quick Installation Guide
2-Year Limited Warranty

System Requirements:
Internet Connected Router
Android OS 4.0 or IOS 6+



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