Discover How i4Home
Make your Life Easier and Safer


Wherever you are …
Simply activate your alarm system

Arm or Disarm your security system
directly from your smartphone by pressing
“Away” icon to set the alarm and start receiving
alerts when someone enters the house

Feel Safe when you’re home

 Whether you’re sleeping or awake,
Having your system in the “Home Mode”
Will activate all Entry Sensors
In “Home Mode”, your Motion Sensors will be off,
So you can roam freely about your home
Moreover, if you want to protect any unused section in your home,
You can change the setting to select which Motion Sensors
you would like to be active, even in the home mode

Fire Protection

Protect your family from fire

I4home has many sensors and detector
for fire prevention such as Smoke and Heat Detector,
Carbon Monoxide Detector, and Temperature Sensor.
When a smoke, heat or carbon monoxide is detected,
the strobe siren would be activated and the system
will immediately inform you by sending an instant
notification to your smartphone.

A Gas Leak can be fatal
to your family

I4home detectors monitor your home 24/7
to protect you from any natural gas leak
or carbon monoxide poisonous gas.

Don’t let yourself
Become vulnerable to a water

 Water leaks can cause more damage than burglars can.
i4Home Flood Detector can save you from costly
damage to floor, walls, appliances and moisture
issues that can take months to repair.

Home Automation

Add more comfort to your home

i4Home allow you to control and automate Lighting,
Heating, Air-conditioning, Shades, Home Appliances,
Irrigation from wherever you are. 
You can easily automate your home to improve
Comfort, Usability and even Save Energy

Save Energy

i4Home allow you to monitor the amount of electricity
used by home devices.
So, you can easily identify which pieces
of hardware keep on bumping up your bills

Save your time

i4Home allow you to monitor
the status of windows, doors in your home
and get reminders when you leave it.
Check your home from the anywhere you are

Elderly Care

Smart Care

i4Home allows you to track the activities of people who care:

–  Wake-up Monitoring
–  Sleep Monitoring
–  Activity Monitoring
–  Inactivity Notification

Your Panic Button is always active

The “Panic Button” helps to deal in emergency cases
Our system allows you to still have the chance
to care for your loved ones
even when you are not around


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