Smart Box

High-Performance Wireless Smart Home Management System with Security

The Smart Box Plus is the brain of i4Home system and is designed to provide
all the most advanced features to meet your home management requirements through the Internet.

You can protect, monitor, and control your home or office
using i4Home app for iPhone and Android



Smart Box not only provides you a secure life but also a convenient living environment that allows you to control remote switches through your smartphone from all over the world.

With different environmental sensors, Smart Box Plus also plays as an environmental monitor center to collect all the environmental data and control corresponding appliances to save your energy consumption automatically.

Product Features:

  • Connect wirelessly with a wide range of sensors
  • Receive alerts from connected devices when there is unexpected activity in your home.
  • Automate connected devices in your home and set them to turn on or off
  • Remote Arm/Disarm/Home and status-info with any smartphone
  • Voice Module for voice prompt and warning message to inform the user about the status. (optional)
  • GSM module for spare communication and alarm report if Ethernet fails. (option)
  • 4 LED display for Away/ Home/ Disarm and Data transmission indication
  • Can accommodate 288 sensors and control 15 programmable switches.
  • Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards
  • Robust multi-million RF coding and special transmission timing design to avoid interferences
  • Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards
  • RF signal quality monitoring and jamming detection
  • Inactivity monitoring to take care of the elderly or physically challenged at home
  • Up to 9 independent partial arm zones
  • Scheduled switch operation
  • Built-in detailed 512-event log.
  • 3 External wire sensor input and alarm siren control output.
  • Internal Siren for alarm warning
  • Backup Battery
  • Easy installation



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