Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor Pet Immune Motion Sensor

The motion sensor can detect the intruder before entering a house,
and offers the first line of defense to a property’s boundary.
The sensor is rainproof and can prevent the false alarm
caused by a pet up to 20 kg or 60 cm high.





There are two separate sensors in the PIR-OD1, one detects upper area,
and the other detects lower area.
Only when both sensors detect motion simultaneously, the PIR triggers an alarm.

Product Features:

  • Monitor activity outdoor remotely
  • The Sensor Effective Distance: Max. 12m
  • Pet-Immune Feature
  • Tamper-Proof Protection
  • Portable, Removable
  • Low Battery Notification
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • LED indicator
  • Easy installation


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